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Paddle Board Rentals & Activities

We Are 100% Mobile

Our goal is to be the very best SUP rental service in the Greater Victoria  area.


We offer great value, personalized services, and convenient rentals to all of our customers.We provide all the best rentals at affordable prices. We’re here to help with your every need.

How it works...












Unlike renting from a shop, when you rent a paddleboard from us, we'll meet you at the water’s edge of your choice. Check the list of locations we suggest for your own perfect place to paddle.

All our rentals include paddleboards, paddles, life jackets, and dry bags.

Simply choose the date, time, and location to meet you with your rental.

(group min. of 2 people and 2 hours for drop offs )

Rental Duration
SUP Pick Up Price
SUP Drop Off Price

Check out our SUP activities

The Academy, L.A
Bamboo, Santa Barbara
Cheers, Santa Cruz
The Roxy, San Francisco

No Drop offs or SUP rentals are allowed inside the CRD properties, we can only drop off at the park entrance of Thetis Lake, Elk Lake and Matheson Lake.

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