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SUP POLO Victoria

  • 30 Canadian dollars
  • Thetis Lake - Dog beach

Service Description

SUP POLO Stand Up Paddle Polo, or just SUP Polo, is a new sport being introduced in Estonia by Suppama. It does exactly what it says: Combines water polo with stand up paddling. And it’s fun! Really, really fun! SUP Polo is best described as a cross between water polo, lacrosse and a destruction derby, all played out on inflatable boards inside an inflatable field. The game is short, fast, mildly chaotic and awesomely entertaining. The complete package includes the awesome inflatable field & goals along with very special SUP polo paddles. There’s even a specialised SUP Polo board design. The rules of SUP Polo are pretty simple: The field is 25×20 metres and it’s three-a-side. You’ve gotta use your paddle to get the ball into the net in order to score. You can’t handle the ball while you’re on your knees or in the water, which is an important point to note because you WILL be in the water during SUP Polo. The halves are usually around 5 minutes each, which sounds short but will seriously tax your lungs: This game is not only fun, it’s also a hell of a good workout. We will introduce this crazy game already this summer all around Estonia! SUP POLO RULES Rules: Ball to be played with paddle only No use of hands, feet or head to advance ball Ball can only be played while standing up, no kneeling or in the water passes or shots. No goalie in front of the goal allowed, all players must be paddling No international contact with another player by striking paddles, or boards. Teams: Teams of 3 players each Equipment: 6 sup polo board 6 sup polo paddle 1 sup polo ball 2 goals (3m x 0.9 m) 1 regulation (field) 20m x 25m Duration of the Game: 2x 10 min halves (teams to change sides at halftime) 5 min halftime (1) 5 minute over time If game tied after end of overtime, each player will shoot 1 shot at goal from midfield – the most goals wins. If still tied, each team will take a shot in sudden death shoot-out – team who scores first wins. Minor Fouls: Use hand or feet to block or advance ball – opposing team gets ball at point of foul. Running into another team players board or stepping on another players board- opposing team receives ball at point of contact. A player is positioned in front of goal without paddling and acting as a goalie – opposing team receives the ball. Kneeling while passing the ball or retrieving ball from the water while player is in the water – opposing team receives ball at point of foul. Major Fouls: Intentionally charging another player

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Events For an event: The entire amount is requested for the reservation. In case of injury or incident, please contact us 24 hours before the event and 100% of the total amount will be refunded. A deadline will be sent to you to make your reservation. A minimum of people must be registered before this deadline, otherwise we will have to cancel or postpone the event. Excursions / Locations A form must be given and a deposit of $ 100 will be given to you at the end. However, if the equipment has not returned in good condition the deposit will not be returned to you for the use of the material. (In the extreme case, you will be charged an additional fee;) Payment: We accept credit cards, Paypal, e transfer and cash. The amount will be debited before leaving with the board. You can also book your board in advance by contacting us privately, we will reserve your equipment with a deposit of 10$ which will be refundable if cancellation more than 24 hours in advance. Cancellation, bad conditions: we will have to postpone the exit for your safety. We will contact you 24 hours in advance to decide. Thank you for your understanding. Send us a message so that we can reach our risk acceptance form in printable version at home or return by email to: Thank you for your understanding of our cancellation tickets. We offer a good service and at the same time be able to continue to offer a variety of activities out of the ordinary!

Contact Details


Paddle & Go Victoria SUP Co., Kerwood Street, Victoria, BC, Canada

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