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Elk / Beaver Lake

Elk Lake and Beaver Lake are conjoined lakes that boast four fantastic family-friendly beaches. The lakes include picnic grounds, 15 kilometres of walking trails, birdwatching, windsurfing, fishing, canoeing, and rowing. There is a concession and restaurant open in the summer near the north end of Elk Lake where it is a very popular summer swimming spot for locals. Beaver lake is popular for family swimming during the summer. Elk Lake is the training area for Canada's Olympic Rowing team, as well as host to several competitions each year for the local schools.


Beaver Lake

Beaver Beach, at the south end of Beaver Lake, has a shallow, sandy beach perfect for swimming, picnicking and canoeing around the offshore islands. You can use the nearby ponds for retriever training, or the Equestrian Centre to exercise and train your horse. Both these areas are under license agreements. For group activities, consult your local retriever or equestrian clubs for more information.



Elk Lake

To the north, Elk Lake offers many recreational activities. At Eagle Beach, swim, picnic under the Pacific willow trees, launch your scull from the Rowing Centre or start a hike south to Beaver Lake. There is a group picnic shelter at Eagle Beach near the Elk Lake Rowing Centre.

At Hamsterly Beach, join wind surfers skimming the waters, sailors seeking a strong breeze and fishers searching for the elusive “big one.”


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Elk Lake Hamsterly beach Victoria BC
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