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Gorge Waterway

The Gorge Waterway is a six-kilometre long arm of the sea that stretches from the Selkirk Trestle (Upper Victoria Harbour) to the head of Portage Inlet. This waterway is a tidal estuary and is part of a federal migratory bird sanctuary that supports a biologically diverse population of plants and animals


The body of water known simply as “The Gorge” to Victoria locals is a narrow tidal inlet that connects Victoria Harbour to Portage Inlet. The Gorge Waterway is defined as the inlet between Craigflower Bridge and the Selkirk trestle. The Gorge has a rich history as an important spiritual place and food-gathering area for First Nations, and as a recreation area for early Victoria residents and visitors.


Recreational boating is still popular on the Gorge today, and most of the waterfront properties in this area are residential. Many decades of pollution entering the Gorge from sewage and industrial wastes degraded the water quality seriously by the 1940s. Clean-up efforts since the early 1990s have reversed this trend, and the water quality has improved significantly. This is important for the health of valuable fish and wildlife habitat that still exists in the Gorge, as well as for aesthetic and recreational values. Paddle & Go SUP Victoria, will drop off your paddling equipment and pick them up after your peaceful experienc. That's will make your Standup paddle in Victoria an amazing experience.


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Gorge Waterway Victoria
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