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thetis Lake Victoria BC

Thetis Lake

Another of the many Capital Region Lake Parks, this is a very popular spot for families as it features a beautiful sandy beach. The park is actually comprised of two lakes—Upper and Lower Thetis. There is a 4.9-kilometre trail around the lake as well as a dog beach. The trails are clearly marked, with picnic areas along the way, making this a perfect place to go for a hike along the scenic trails hugging Upper and Lower Thetis lakes. For panoramic views of the lakes and surrounding hills, follow the more challenging trails up Seymour or Scafe Hills. In spring, wildflowers dot the hillsides. The beach area of Thetis Lake is perfect for a family picnic or refreshing swim. If you have a canoe, try an early morning paddle, and you may even have the lake all to yourself.


The reason why everybody loves Thetis Lake for some of our paddleboard courses it that it is gorgeous no matter the season. In the fall the colours surround you on all sides and the glassy surface characteristic of a lake on a calm day can give you a dream-like experience of the autumn foliage. This is a perfect place to enjoy if you are a little nervous about paddling on the ocean or if you want to be surrounded by the changing leaves all around you. Enjoy exploring the many nooks and crannies this lake offers and take in some truly spectacular views. The spot to paddle and SUP in Victoria.

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