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Prospect lake - Saanich

Home to a lucky few who live there

Prospect lake - Saanich

Beautiful Prospect Lake is home to a lucky few who live there. It is a popular swimming, fishing and boating destination for many others. Please help to keep the lake enjoyable for everyone, respect natural areas and private property, and follow the regulations.

Seasonal Toilet Locations
Whitehead Park
Echo Boat launch

The lake is a popular fishing destination and stocked with 1,000 – 5,000 rainbow trout each year.

Protect Sensitive Habitat and Lake Health When Boating
Travel slowly in shallow waters.
Do not disturb wildlife.
Avoid contact with underwater vegetation.
Minimize your boat wake – it can cause shore line erosion.
Do not throw trash or cigarette butts overboard – garbage is deadly to fish and birds.
Do not throw fish waste overboard.

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