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Tips For Getting Started in Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding has become one of the best sporting activities for individuals who love to challenge the water for their leisure. Performed in the open ocean, the water sports activity is a great way to enjoy the scenic beauty and nature. Generally, paddleboarding combines the adventure of surfing and kayaking. If you are new to paddleboarding, you must know certain tips for a safer and hassle-free experience. Here are some of the points to consider before jumping into the paddleboarding sport.

Selecting the Best Paddle board

The first and most important decision that you must make is selecting the right paddleboard. For beginners, the board must be at least 10 feet long and 30 inches in width or greater. As for the paddle, you must pick a paddle shaft anywhere between four to seven inches taller than you. A lighter paddle should always be your first choice as it will reduce hand fatigue during the entire activity.

Paddle With An Acquaintance

The experience of paddleboarding becomes adventurous when you do it with a friend. Having a friend elevates the thrill and fun of the entire paddleboarding experience. Also, accidents and injuries can happen at any moment, especially if you are a beginner. Paddling with an acquaintance increases safety during the entire activity.

Always Wear PFD

In case you are not aware personal flotation device is one of the crucial accessories in paddleboarding. For beginners who do not know how to swim properly, PFD can be a life-saving accessory in case of any mishappenings. Since there are various PFDs available in the market, you must consider the highest quality of material for better safety and grip. You must also check the local government requirements regarding the PFD.

Consider A Leash

Another important accessory in paddleboarding is the leash. If you fall off the board, it would be frustrating to swim back and gain momentum again. Wearing a leash ensures that if you fall off the board, you will be able to reach it quickly without any hassle.

Wear Appropriate Clothes

While planning your paddleboarding activity, you must always wear protective clothing. Bright colored and long sleeves will ensure that you are visible, and your skin will also be protected from the harsh sunburn and wind.

Paddleboarding is a fun activity, and you can elevate your experience by following simple tips for a safer and more unique experience. At Paddle'n'Go, we offer comfortable and affordable paddleboarding experiences across different regions. Reach out to us for more information regarding the paddleboarding stations and plans.

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