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Prospect Lake Victoria BC

Prospect Lake

Beautiful Prospect Lake is home to a lucky few who live there. It is a popular swimming, fishing and boating destination for many others.

Please help to keep the lake enjoyable for everyone. Respect natural areas and private property. Follow the regulations


Seasonal Toilet Locations

  • Whitehead Park

  • Echo Boat launch


The lake is a popular fishing destination. It’s stocked with 1,000 – 5,000 rainbow trout each year.

Protect Sensitive Habitat and Lake Health When Boating

  • Travel slowly in shallow waters.

  • Do not disturb wildlife.

  • Avoid contact with underwater vegetation.

  • Minimize your boat wake – it can cause shore line erosion.

  • Do not throw trash or cigarette butts overboard – garbage is deadly to fish and birds.

  • Do not throw fish waste overboard.

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